Can't Knock The Hustle (Freestyle)

by BNINE (B9)

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Just a lil' something I've been sitting on... KEEP HIP HOP ALIVE!



They ask me where have I been…
I been up schemin’ on ends, stayin’ clear from the traffic, trying to master this gift
All along be a better father, talking with kids, all the do’s and don’t
I got knowledge to give,
At the same time question where I’m headed in this…
I’ve been down on my luck, I know I’m better than this
Why am I rapping anyways, ain't no cheddar in this, so many fish in the sea so the credit gets missed… And everybody sound the same that ain't competitive shit, and everybody think the same, we ain't progressive for shit
I’m on new wave, tying up the ends like a shoe lace, old soul, young vet, middle finger to the new age…
Sicker than the flu games, still got that butane, from the booth to the sheets I be saucin’ up ya boo thang, West coast nigga I didn’t grow up off a Wu Tang, still lyrical kombat- kickin’ shit like Lui Cain… Goin’ back to Cali like cool J, swervin’ 2 lanes in blue range, paint wetter than some poo-tang, in my younger days I was focused on a New chain, got a lil’ older, now I’m movin’ at a smooth pace
Cardio to lose weight, apple cider vinegar, chuggin’ water like its beer, raw honey with the cinnamon, trying to bring my youth back, A kid again, naw' I’m just kiddin’ but these grey hairs is gonna be my nemesis.
Can’t knock the hustle, I’m a syndicate for penmanship, attentive,
That ghostwriter check can get expensive friend
Writing with a ignorant pen, bet they ain't listening, till I dumb it down, they grip some sense when that pencils thin
Bored with the sport trying to entertain degenerates, but it’s not enough, it can never be too niggarish
Gave myself a hemorrhage to keep up with y'all gibberish, y'all be liking rappers that be swappin’ out they genders kits.. Latching onto licorice, the culture got too sensitive, Ya’ll made it cool to take ya homeboys to the Sybaris
I ain’t bout them games, we don’t bend the wrist, I just take offense to any agenda sugar coatin’ what I represent...


released June 30, 2017
produced by Knobody
written & recorded by B. "BNINE" Rountree
mixed & additional mastering by Bryan Rountree
cover photography provided by Garrett Rountree




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Don't be a slave to creative mind-control... Be aggressive with the formula you construct and allow consistency to motivate work ethic. Love what you do and Do what you Love! - B9

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